Going back to the start of my journey… Who else got in trouble for taking their family’s PC apart when they were young?

Kid learning stem

☝️ Not me ☝️

I know I did! I also managed to eventually get that computer back together with a lot of trial and error. The lesson I learned all those years ago was that challenges are to be expected when trying something new, and you can get a lot of value from failure. Eventually, with enough failures, I learned to experiment while keeping the collateral as isolated as possible… most of the time anyway. The success of eventually getting that computer together and working sent me on the path I’m still walking along today. I have been working on computers for pretty much as long as I can remember now.


My career started on my first day in high school. I showed up at 6:30 every day to work at the help desk before going to my normal class schedule. I spent some time converting some simple applications from Pascal to C++. Soon after graduating, I went to work for Xerox. I spent 13 years in all kinds of job positions. Everything from Sr Network Administrator to Virtualization SME. I got to do everything from installing hundreds of servers, SANs, and network equipment to deploying a global managed file transfer platform and even writing some of my own APIs it. Xerox split in 2018 and I went with the new company, Conduent. There I started to focus on data center migration/consolidation, private/public cloud operations, and large-scale remote workforce through VDI. More recently, I was able to join a great team at Arkansas BlueCross and I’m excited to bring all my experience back to a company based in my home state. In addition to the IT work I do during the day, I also like a bunch of hobbies that I’ll post content on from time to time to keep things from getting too boring (hopefully). My aim for this site is to give myself a platform to start improving my writing and documentation skills. Wish me luck and take care!

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